ASAP's mission is to foster understanding of the role that technology plays in assisting pharmacists to promote patient safety and the proper use of medications, comply with laws and regulations, and operate their practices more efficiently by providing a forum for sharing diverse knowledge and perspectives on the modern practice of pharmacy.

ASAP Annual 2021 Presentations for Friday, Jan. 15, Begin At 9 am ET

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2021 Annual Conference

Now A Virtual Event
Mark Your Calendar For January 14 & 15


  • US Pharmaceutical Market: Trends, Issues and Outlook
  • Mapping The ASAP PDMP IG To FHIR
  • State Legislative Update
  • What’s Behind the Lack of Success for Pharmacists Clinical Services?
  • Current And Future Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs And How They Benefit Independent Pharmacy
  • SCRIPT 2017071: Nifty New Features for a New Decade
  • Innovation Without Provider Status
  • Legislative Update: What to Expect in 2021
  • The Role of The Pharmacist in A Dynamic Healthcare Environment