March 16, 2023

Episode 11: Health Informatics and AI, with Professor Mark Braunstein, Author of Health Informatics on FHIR The Medical AI Podcast

Check out episode 11 of The Medical AI Podcast, in which host Dr Felix Beacher delves into the crossroads of AI and health informatics, guided by expert guest Professor Mark Braunstein, Professor Braunstein shares his expertise in the field of health informatics and reflects on his book “Health Informatics on FHIR: How HL7’s New API is Transforming Healthcare”. They explore the role of health informatics in enabling information exchange and standardization in healthcare and address how the landscape is changing through the use of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standards. With the implementation of these standards, healthcare data can be easily shared and analyzed, enabling the development of more effective AI applications.

They discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise from using AI in health informatics, including issues of data privacy and security, ethical concerns, and the impact on healthcare professionals and patients.